Of the workshops I attended at SABE, yours was actually the MOST fun and captivating! You are an awesome presenter. You know how to reach us. And you could teach others a lot about presenting. Most of all, one step closer to a more inclusive world.

– S.S

We (The Anniston Police Department) noticed increased calls for service and interactions with citizens who are autistic. With the increase in interactions, we felt the need to be properly trained to best serve the community. The training was very informative and I highly recommend Dustin and IAG. It’s not a matter of “if” your department will have contact with someone with autism, it’s “when”. We are now better prepared.

– Lt. Tim Suits, Anniston Police Department

I have been in Law Enforcement for 30 years and until today, I have never had a class on how to respond to/ deal with situations involving an autistic person. The training was some of the best and most informative I have had in many years and it touched upon a wide variety of topics.

– Officer with Montgomery Police Department

The class on Autism contact training was fantastic. Being a law enforcement officer I feel there is a need for this area of training in the criminal justice community. Dustin was very knowledgeable in the course of instruction. I feel his background as a police officer helped relay the message of Autism awareness and I would recommend this class to all officers.

– Jeremy W. Lay Detective Jasper Police Department