Very nicely presented. A lot of information in a short period. Obviously, Dustin knows his stuff and presents it well.

– C.L., Illinois Wisconsin Search Dogs(ILLWIS SAR Dogs)

I found the training involving Autism Awareness to be extraordinarily informative. The training will help when dealing with calls or encountering persons diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  The class dealt effectively with identifying indicators typical with persons with ASD, dealt with techniques to effectively communicate with persons with ASD, and taught a few de-escalation techniques if needed.  I recommend this class to others within law enforcement due to the rise in ASD diagnoses among the general public.

– Sergeant, Calera Police Department

I just wanted to touch base with you this afternoon and let you know how much I enjoyed your “When Autism Calls 9-1-1” on Friday, February 5, 2016. I took this class at the APCO International Conference in Washington, D.C. last August and was excited to attend this one. I have a grandson that is Autistic and was hoping to learn more about how to most effectively handle a 911 call involving a possible autistic. I would have to say your class was far superior to any class that I have taken or attended thus far. The material had great depth and the videos were very insightful. I loved the testimonials and the “real life” situations that you presented. I really appreciated the way you pushed through the material and yet allowed participation from the group keeping everyone on their toes and connected throughout the day.

– Chief Operations Officer at 9-1-1 Center

I did find the information you shared to be very informative. I work sex crimes in the homicide unit. I will be sure to keep your suggestions in mind if and when I have a victim or witness diagnosed with Autism or ASD. Thank you.

– Detective Sex Crimes, Homicide Unit

Thank you so much for sharing your information with us today. I had several people comment on the class. Everyone was very pleased and felt very informed. I admire your passion for teaching the class. Again, thank you so much.

– 9-1-1 Dispatcher