In law enforcement, it’s all about how you communicate with people, that’s how you de-escalate situations. That’s how we go into a call or some sort of situation and handle it is by communication. These trainings help us understand people and how to communicate with them.

– Captain Shane Healey of the Opelika Police Department

As a fellow Aurism parent and Autism advocate, I have attended multiple trainings focused on safety and first responders. Dustin Chandler, with IAG, was very focused and effective in driving home the importance of identifying Autism and how to understand those techniques to best approach individuals with ASD. He used a relevant and up to date format, making the trainings appealing and easy to follow. I would recommend this training to all first responder departments. Thank you and Great work Dustin!

– Parent

This is some of the best awareness training I have received in my 12 years of Law Enforcement.

– Assistant Police Chief Martin – Dadeville PD

Thank you so much for bringing the Autism awareness class to us. The information was very valuable and presented in a very useful way. The one thought that kept resonating in my mind was that I never knew how much I didn’t know. We hear the term autism so often, but it wasn’t till your class that I was able to understand how broad the autism spectrum is. The information concerning how hyperactive someone’s sensory functions are has really enhanced my understanding of why certain behaviors exist and how to recognize and remove those stressor’s. I think something that impressed me most was observing how my coworkers were so engaged in a lecture and so eager to participate in discussion. This says a lot when you can affectively grab the attention of a group of firefighters. I hope we can find a way to deliver this class several more times so we can get more of our guys in it. Thank you again for the time and effort you put into this for us. Sometimes it’s hard to see the end results of your efforts, but rest assured you are making a difference.

– Christopher Phillips, Lieutenant, Paramedic – Decatur Fire and Rescue

The First Responder Training for interactions with individuals on the Autism Spectrum presented by Dustin Chandler is a must for all Sworn Law Enforcement. He has a unique perspective on how he is able to relay the information on Autism to First Responders. This is because he was a Police Officer. The fact the he has been there, on the street working in Patrol, gives him the ability to get the message across in a way that Police Officers can relate to and understand. Like the saying goes, the only ones who really know what Cops go through is…other Cops. The question is not IF we will ever be on a call with an Autistic person, but WHEN. Great information, great instruction, great class. Thank you very much for getting this information in the hands of First Responders.

– Officer Hale, Hoover PD