Our training program is an integrated mixture of real world scenarios and demonstrations that allows you to put your learning into the proper context of your day-to-day profession. We offer objective and creative information with an insightful presentation bolstered by an interactive delivery. We pride ourselves on the ability to connect with law enforcement and public safety audiences in support of the disabled community.

Dustin Chandler leading a seminar
Dustin Chandler leading a seminar

I have been in Law Enforcement for 30 years and until today, I have never had a class on how to respond to/ deal with situations involving an autistic person. The training was some of the best and most informative I have had in many years and it touched upon a wide variety of topics. – Officer with Montgomery Police Department.

Dustin Chandler

Why is this training important?

  • Because a significant percentage of the disabled community communicates nonverbally – you will learn how to successfully connect in these situations.
  • Because you cannot always identify a person with a disability just by looking at them – you will learn how to recognize certain behaviors.
  • Because every situation is different and fluid – we will help you understand approaches for a safe response.
  • Because your team will want a quick reference guide – we will provide you with transportable tips for handling situations.
  • Because you want what is best for your team and for those your team serves – we will certify everyone who successfully attends Interaction Advisory Group training.


A typical training session is held at your location and lasts approximately four hours, however we understand your group is unique and we will tailor our training to fit your needs.
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Our typical audiences are police officers, fire fighters, EMTs, corrections officers, District Attorney’s offices and others in the first responder and law enforcement arenas. However, we welcome the opportunity to work with any organizations that wishes to better their interactions with people with disabilities.


Interaction Advisory Group’s training has been endorsed by a number of State and National organizations including:

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More Information

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