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Interaction Advisory Group
  • Interaction Advisory Group was co-founded by Dustin Chandler and Kirchner Group to provide customized special needs awareness and training for first responders, public service officials, educators as well as private sector workers. Interaction Advisory Group is focused on the dynamics between you and people with special needs.


“As a fellow Aurism parent and Autism advocate, I have attended multiple trainings focused on safety and first responders. Dustin Chandler, with IAG, was react3very focused and effective in driving home the importance of identifying Autism and how to understand those techniques to best approach individuals with ASD. He used a relevant and up to date format, making the trainings appealing and easy to follow. I would recommend this training to all first responder departments. Thank you and Great work Dustin!” – Parent

"This was some of the best awareness training I've had in my 12 years of Law Enforcement." - Assistant Police Chief Martin - Dadeville PD