Erech Brown

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Erech Brown

Erech Brown is the Founder and CEO of Erech Bro-Looza, Inc. a unique and creative design art e-commerce company.

Erech Bro-Looza was formed in 2018 but has been creating unique designs for over five years. Erech is an aspiring thriving artist, determined, hard-working, dependable, and has Autism. Erech creates his own creations whether it is making background characters using visual graphic designs or using other creativity as an inspiration.

Erech graduated from Helena High School and attended the University of Montevallo Falcon Flight Program. Erech believes in learning how to become independent and making new friends. Erech is active in his community. He served as a volunteer at Two By Two Rescue for four years.

Currently, Erech is a member of PIPA (Partners in Policy Making), YEL (Young Emerging Leaders), and People First of Shelby County. Regardless of what position or direction Erech undertakes, he always keeps a smile on his face and God in his heart.

Erech believes in the mottos: Dream big like you are surfing on an ocean wave! Do not give up your passion! Do not give up your dreams!

Erech’s website can be found at